Friday, July 01, 2005

Pattern Guide

Here is a basic pattern guide if you ever need to refresh your memory.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Chon-Ji Hyung - Yellow tip pattern (Grade 9):

Dan-Gun Hyung - Yellow belt pattern (Grade 8):

Do-San Hyung - Green tip pattern (Grade 7):

Won-Hyo Hyung - Green belt pattern (Grade 6):

Yul-Guk Hyung - Blue tip pattern (Grade 5):

Choong-Gun Hyung - Blue belt pattern (Grade 4):

Toi-Gye Hyung - Brown tip pattern (Grade 3):

Hwa-Rang Hyung - Brown belt pattern (Grade 2):

Choong-Moo Hyung - Black tip pattern (Grade 1):

Kwang-Gae Hyung - Black belt pattern (1st Dan):

These diagram are all obtained from the Korean Martial Arts Institute,, and are only to be used as a guide - and not to replace your favourite/evil instructor...