Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's New

Sorry this site will no longer be maintained. Best of luck!


Updated for a new website for the Melbourne Uni club! 


And a couple more.


And a couple more changes.


A couple of changes to the Tasmanian Dojangs.


Just a couple of updates to the Training Centres and Times page.


Exciting news!

We have a new club in Narre Warren with instructors Shaun Cowell and David Pleydell (who helped to co-create this website!)

And it's about time, hey? Just kidding - refer to their website on the links on the left, or the Training Centres and Times page for details.


A few more updates to the links to other Rhee Taekwondo websites.


A few updates to the links bar on the left =)2-June-2008

Yes we're still alive and kicking (in case you're wondering). A minor update to the webpages' Training Centres and Times page.

Best of luck for those grading on Thursday!


Hi all, just put up an update to the Warrandyte Dojang on the Training Centres and Times page, with a new training time, location and website!


Congrats on another round of gradings! We've made the Gradings page more general (it's usually the first Thursday of the month - check with your instructor!)

No other updates for now, though if you have any comments, suggestions, etc, send us an email.


The last grading for the year already??? Well done to those who went on Thursday. The Grading page has been updated. Thanks to all the instructors out there for getting us this far!

Also put up Prahran's Christmas break (22 Dec 06 - 22 Jan 07). Have a great Christmas and New Years' break everyone =D


A touch up to the Menu bar.


Congratulations to everyone who graded yesterday! The Grading page has been updated so you can start preparing for your next Grading in December ;).


Another minor update: the exact date of the Melbourne Grading (7th Sept 2006) has been added to the Grading page.

Good luck everyone!


Small update to the National Listings page thanks to a few additions given to us from Regional Instructor for the Gympie region, Paul Bailey. The additions are Gympie, Tin Can Bay and Cedar Pocket.

Thanks Paul!


We've updated the Grading page for the June grading. Well done to everyone!

We've got up another two new links obtained from extracts of an old Rhee Taekwondo grading booklet. They are:

"What is Taekwondo": A brief introduction to taekwondo.

"Meet the Belts": Introduction the belt colours and the deeper meaning behind them.


We have details of another VictoRHEEan club, in Yallambie! Have a look at the 'Training Centres and Times' page for more details. Special thanks goes to Michelle Grice for the details. Links to the map will be up this weekend.

And yes, a very special update coming soon...


We've added another Korean film to the list of film suggestions on the Korean language page, 'Brotherhood of War', courtesy of Nathan Van der Klugt from Bundaberg, QLD. A big thank you for that! For more details about the film, follow the following link to Sony Pictures (

Also, we've increased all the font sizes so you don't have to strain your eyes.

A very interesting update coming up... stay tuned ;)


Congratulations for those who graded to new belts! A minor change today to the Gradings page to update dates.


An additional link has been added to the flexibility page. Topics include the different types of stretching and how muscles stretch.